From Nashville Post: PlayMaker Health Helping Create the New Reality

Post-acute tech company leans on data partnerships to drive growth

By Felicia Bonanno

From Nashville Post – May 17, 2019

Technology is quickly changing the face of health care, from telemedicine apps to remote, nonclinical services that provide professionals with the data they need to improve patient outcomes. Although post-acute care is the fastest-growing sector in the industry, its technology is lagging behind, with companies only now waking to the possibilities in telehealth; that is, except for Franklin-based PlayMaker Health.

With competitors that provide bits and pieces of post-acute care, PlayMaker markets itself as offering everything in one platform, playing a pivotal role in helping post-acute providers tap into the industry’s growth using technology.

“We are the only CRM that has been built just to support the needs of the post-acute care industry, which is very important because post-acute care workflows are very different from B2B workflows, and it’s critical that post-acute care companies are capturing what they need in order to be productive out in the field,” says PlayMaker Vice President of Sales and Marketing Holly Miller, calling PlayMaker Health “the new post-acute reality.”

PlayMaker’s main purpose is to give customers, whether they are a hospice provider or a broader health care company, a full understanding of their respective markets. This means providing data on where their business is coming from, who else is getting business, how they rank against competitors, where they can grow and how they capture more business. In its 11 years, the company has tracked more than 2 million completed sales activities.

According to Miller, there are three key components to a full solution for customers. First is CRM, which PlayMaker accesses through mobile relationship management tools that allow clients to engage with customers and monitor business data, even while out in the field.

And this ease of communication and data-sharing through increased technology is vital to improving the health care system as a whole, according to Andrew McDonald, a fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and a shareholder and practice leader at Healthcare Consulting. “It’s everybody’s struggle, the Great Divide, as they say,” he says. “Truthfully, that’s going to be the key for true population health, affecting our health care systems instead of our sick care systems. The more we can talk to each other, the better off we’ll all be, especially the patient.”

A second component is market data.

“We have the most comprehensive and current set of market data that’s available,” says Miller. “That is such an important factor right now in this market because it’s changing and evolving and shifting; so the data is updated and refreshed quarterly to provide the best insights so that everyone from the C-suite to the sales team can make smarter, data-driven decisions.”

That data is pulled from multiple servicers, including Medicare Parts A and B, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and Commercial, and could include, for example, claims information for home medical equipment and Infusion services.

Where the magic truly happens, though, is with electronic health records, the third client solutions component. The platform can build an integration with a company’s EHR so that information from its workflows goes straight into PlayMaker’s growth platform.

“For example, if we have a home health agency that is wanting to use our solution, and their EHR is WellSky, we can build an integration so that the order information from their workflows goes straight into our growth platform,” Miller says. “From a relativity standpoint, that means if someone is using our growth platform, they can log in and look at their market data and understand the whole market and see where their specific business is coming from, what business they’re not getting and what they want to go after. That’s where the executive team can say, ‘Let’s build a strategy to see who we’re not getting so that we can reach them.’”

The platform aims to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible so that users can prioritize efficiencies in their given markets, a value most pronounced by the fact that PlayMaker has a comprehensive, web-based mobile app. Thus, post-acute sales reps and marketers — who in the past have spent time taking notes while working in the field and then logging in that data at the end of each day — can now record information in real-time while out in the field.

PlayMaker focuses on partnerships across the complete continuum of post-acute care, from EHRs to associations. In 2018, the company teamed with viaDirect Solutions, WellSky and Brightree, and it recently signed a partnership with the National Partnership for Hospice Innovation, as well as with Vital Care to provide support for all of the latter entity’s franchise locations.

“We’re at a really exciting time for our company,” Miller says. “We’re continuing to innovate our current productions, and we do that with the voice of the customer in mind. We work with our partnership groups, listen to our advisory boards and build and enhance our products based on the feedback of the market we serve. There will be a lot of exciting enhancements and innovations coming from us in the next year.”

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